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How to Choose the Right Professional Home Organizer for You

10/05/2023 7:12 AM | Member Guest Blogger (Administrator)

Author: MaryJo Monroe, reSPACEd

So you’ve made the decision to get outside help with your organizing project. That’s great! 

But how do you choose the right Professional Organizer (PO) for your needs? This question can vary based on your organizing projects, your home and your specific needs.

Here are some important qualities to look for as you search for the best PO for you. 

1. Ask Yourself, What Kind of Organizing Project do I Need Help With?

Often, Professional Organizers will have different specialities, so it helps you narrow down your options if you know what to ask for. Specialities may include things like paper/digital organizing, downsizing, eco-conscious organizing or product-heavy organizing.

Specialties might also focus on various populations such as kids, seniors or clients with brain-based conditions like ADHD and Chronic Disorganization (CD). 

2. Does the Professional Organizer have Training and Carry Insurance?

One of the benefits of choosing a NAPO organizer is that you can rest assured knowing they have completed multiple classes in organizing and are required to carry business insurance. This way, you and your belongings are protected while they work in your home.

3. Does the Organizer Work with a Contract?

This is part of being a professional. Contracts spell out what you can expect from the Organizer, what they expect from you, and the scope of the project so there are no surprises once the project starts. Working without a contract means you may be unprotected should problems arise.

4. Can you Afford the Organizer?

Some organizers charge by the project, some by the hour, and some sell packages of hours. Be sure to ask about possible extra charges such as travel fees, assessment fees, credit card processing fees, cancellation fees and organizing product fees.

5. Does the Organizer Offer Some Kind of In-Person or Virtual Intake Assessment?

This is essential so you can meet the organizer and make sure you feel comfortable with their style and process, as well as all of their policies before you begin. It’s also an opportunity to ask questions and find out the answers to all of the points in this blog post. 

Review our blog post How to Get the Most Out of Your Organizing Session. Ask the Organizer their stance on these items so that you can be prepared for the first session, should you choose to move forward with that person.

6. Finally, do You Like the Organizer? Do You Feel Heard, Understood and in Good Hands with This Person?

Are they non-judgmental and compassionate about your situation? Do you feel confident and excited about your project with them? If not, keep looking!

Having someone work in your home for hours at a time can feel vulnerable, so it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident in your organizer.

Need help finding the right home organizer for you? Click here to browse a list of local Oregon NAPO organizers. When you hire a NAPO organizer, you are hiring someone who has professional training, adheres to a code of ethics, protects your privacy and carries insurance.

Happy Organizing!

Author: MaryJoMonroe
NAPO Oregon Chapter Member 

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