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How to NOT Fall into the "Fall Furnishing Frenzy"

09/30/2022 9:00 AM | Member Guest Blogger (Administrator)

Author: Sarah Gomm, New Chapter Transitions

As the weather starts to cool down and that crisp, autumn-y feel is in the air, I begin to think about fall décor. The cozy blankets and throws in plaids and autumn colors, woven baskets, scented candles and naturally...everything pumpkin spice.

Fall is such fun, but it can be easy to get caught up in a decorating frenzy and purchase more décor and seasonal tchotchkes than needed.

Here are 4 ways to cull more and purchase less this season!


Look at what you are pulling out of your seasonal storage bins. Are you excited to see it after it being stashed away for 9 months? Do you still say “Oooo, I love this”? If so, keep it. However, if it doesn’t still wow you, release it, giving it a chance at a new life via your local charity shop.


Do the pieces you decided to keep still express the look/feel of your home or the vibe you want? Maybe your style in years past was ‘cute country’, and now you much prefer the ‘coastal grandmother’ look. Our tastes and preferences can change. If it doesn’t reflect who you are now, donate!

Fast Fall Décor

Just as fast fashion is real, so is fast décor. Think dollar stores and aisle endcaps tempting you at the store. These things are made cheaply, look cheap and don’t last.

Rather than buy a bunch of fast décor, consider buying ONE special, high-quality item that really speaks to you. Gold star to you if that one purchase is from a local store rather than online. And of course, donate the fast décor from years past that you no longer enjoy.

Free(ish) Fall Décor

Here's one of the best things about fall: very likely there are free decorations right outside your front door! And if they aren't free, they are available at your nearest pumpkin patch for a low price. Best of all, these items can all be composted at the end of the season, which frees up storage space in your home.

There are so many objects from nature this time of year that will create an autumn mood, such as:

  • Branches, twigs and colorful leaves
  • Moss
  • Rose hips
  • Garden foliage
  • Pumpkins
  • Gourds
  • Corn Stalks

Have fun incorporating nature’s décor with your favorite traditional pieces. Mix up the styles to create a curated look. It will appear as if you have collected over the years and hand selected every item with a creative and discerning eye.


Once the season is over, do a review of what you used for your fall decor. If there are items that you didn’t use because you just didn’t have the space for them (or simply because they didn’t speak to you) ditch/donate them now. Next year when you pulled out your seasonal bin, you will be thrilled to see only the things you love and cherish.

With every change of season, it is a great time to reevaluate our things, culling and donating items that we no longer love. It gave you pleasure and now it can give someone else equal pleasure!

Author: Sarah Gomm
NAPO Oregon Chapter Treasurer and Provisional Member
New Chapter Transitions

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