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Organize Your Car in 5 Easy Steps

05/09/2022 9:00 AM | Member Guest Blogger (Administrator)

Author: Christi McLaren, Bright Space Organizing

Have you ever considered the fact that your car is actually a room on wheels? It's true! The average American spends 51 minutes per day in the car, according to a study performed by AAA. As a result, an organized car can make a huge difference in your everyday life.

Just like an organized kitchen makes cooking easier and safer, an organized car makes traveling easier and safer, too!

Here are 5 simple steps to get your car organized, and KEEP your car organized!

1. Empty the Car

First, grab a trash bag and a box. Start by gathering up all of the garbage in your car (fast food containers, gum wrappers, grocery receipts, etc).

Once the trash is collected, grab all the items that belong in your home and place into the box to put away inside your home. That could be bags of merchandise, school supplies, mail, etc.

2. Edit Your Car Stuff

Next, remove all the items that belong in the car and place these into categories (like with like). This will be things that you might keep in the car but still need to review and declutter. Think CDs, reusable shopping bags, first aid kit, etc. 

Review these items and create a donate pile for those things you no longer use, need, or love (outdated maps, uncomfortable sunglasses, CDs that you never listen to, etc).What now remains are only those car items you use, need, and love.

3. Time to Clean!

Now that your car is empty, it’s the perfect time to wipe down the dashboard and center console, vacuum the seats and floor, and clean the windows inside and out. Every car needs a trash bag!

This is also a good time to wipe down the items that are getting put back into the car. These can get grungy over time. 

How to Organize Your car: cleaning the dashboard

4. Organize and Put Away

Designate a “home” for each item going back in your car by placing it where it makes the most sense to you. Containerizing can be very helpful. That could mean zipper pouches for the glove compartment, a folding trunk organizer for groceries, or a seat car organizer for your various smaller items. 

Finally, restock your car with any necessary missing items (car tissue, hand sanitizer, replenishing your first aid kit, flashlight, etc).

Make sure all important papers are current, including your car insurance documents, drivers license, emergency contact numbers, and so on.

How to Organize Your car in 5 easy steps: car caddy

5. Maintain: (Routines Are Essential!)

Maintenance is the most important step! Harness the momentum of your hard work to create a new routine: Every time you arrive home, remove all items that do not belong to your car. Request your passengers to help!

Designate one day a week to clean your car and fill up with gas. I recommend doing this every week, whether it needs it or not.

Implement these tips and you and your family will always have a clean, well organized car ready for use!

Author: Christi McLaren
Chapter Secretary
Bright Space Organizing


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